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October 2006 Volume 7, Number 7
A report from the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools on the policies, politics and financing of health programming in schools

In This Issue

Do Dietetic Interventions Work in Child Obesity?

A survey of existing literature came up with no answers, and much more information is needed, researchers say.

Crisis in the Emergency Room 

Overburdened, understaffed hospital emergency departments are disasters waiting to happen, according to numerous recent reports.

Assessing the Impact of SCHIP, Ten Years Later

States are insuring more children, but it’s not clear whether the children are receiving more and better health care


What Might Have Been: Health Bills Introduced But Not Passed

Legislation that didn’t make it into law in the 109th U.S. Congress, and some issues to watch for in the 110th.

Credits: Virginia Robinson, Editor,
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