The Rest of Life

Safety in the Neighborhood

Things you need to know:
Learn how to be safe riding your bike, scooter, or school bus. Also, learn about what to do in an emergency. These sites are interactive with lots of games and activities.

Safety City.

Kid Safety.

Internet Safety

Important reminders on using your computer at home or at school.

Fire Safety

Learn about how to prevent fires, common causes of fires, and what to do in case of a fire. This site has lots of games, activities, and quizzes to teach you about fire safety.


This site contains information on the environment you live in. Through the Environmental Kids Club, games and activities, and educational resources, you will learn about the ecosystem, air and water quality, recycling and much more.

Here is another fun site from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for kids to learn about their environment.


The Northwestern Mutual Foundation and the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) partnered to emphasize personal financial literacy.

Department of Financial Institutions. Kids Page.

Study Habits

The Nemours Foundation.
Kids Health.