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Success Stories and Posters

Caring Across Communities Grantee Success Stories

Julio: Healing a Family After Tragedy

One day, tragedy struck when Julio’s 19 year old sister was caught in the cross fire of a random drive-by shooting. After the shooting, Julio could not concentrate on his schoolwork. He was scared, angry, depressed, and confused...

From Fear To Understanding: A Journey Toward Good Mental Health

When Dalmar and his family arrived in Boston from Somalia, they hoped the stress and trauma of living in a war-torn country was left far behind. But something followed them...

Mustafa's Miracle

Moving to a new community, attending a new school, and making new friends can be daunting and stressful for any child. But when that child has already experienced significant trauma; when the move to a community means traveling halfway around the world; when new friends and teachers speak a different language, then the challenge of adapting can be overwhelming...

Speaking for Adults—A Child Voice is Nearly Lost

When Demetrius K arrived in the United States seven years ago, he was thrust into a role common to immigrant children: interpreter. As his parents struggled with English, Demetrius quickly picked it up and they asked him to act as the family translator. Before he could understand the meaning of the words...

Little Lucy: Alone in a Crowd

By the time Lucy’s mother, Silvia, reached out to the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (LACGC), she feared she had lost her little girl. For months, Silvia had not seen Lucy smile or play. She was fixated on biting her nails, would cry frequently and was doing so poorly in the 1st grade that she was required to repeat it...

Escape to Hope: Juan’s Journey to a New Land

When Juan entered America at the age of 16, he expected his uncle to be waiting for him. With his papers in order, he had no reason to believe his journey toward a good education and a successful future would be so difficult. But from the moment Juan approached the immigration officials, nothing went as expected. Juan was held in custody by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) until his uncle could prove Juan’s identity and fulfill other requirements for his release...

Too Afraid to Say “Help”

When Eduardo arrived in the 1st grade at Jefferson Elementary in Minneapolis, his teacher noticed he was shy…very shy. In fact, Eduardo didn’t speak at all for the first week. By the second and third weeks of school, Eduardo’s teacher had heard him mumble only a few words. Even at recess, Eduardo kept to himself, avoiding interaction with other children and refusing offers to be included in play...

Building a Bridge to Understanding and Success

By the time three young Somali boys were called into their principal’s office for a disciplinary hearing—they were frightened, their teachers were frustrated and classmates annoyed...

From Fear and Grief to a New Life: Sara Finds her Way

If Sara knew how to ask for help, her grief, fear and anger might not have brought her so close to the edge of crisis. But by the time Portland Public Schools’ Caring Across Communities staff met her, Sara’s life was in complete turmoil...

Healing Invisible Wounds

At night, when 11-year-old Khadijo lay in bed, wounds that the daylight hid became painfully apparent. Khadijo would cry as feelings of grief and loss swept over her. Memories of her home in Somalia were fraught with feelings of hunger, illness and violence. She was confused by her new home in the United States, unable to speak English, and baffled by the academic expectations placed on her. Khadijo felt stressed and alone, fighting feelings of vulnerability as she tried desperately not to let on to anyone how afraid she really was...

A Return to Hope: Angelica’s Story

When Angelica arrived as a 10-year-old in the United States, she was filled with hope. In Mexico, it seemed her family would never escape poverty. As farm laborers, Angelica’s parents had little opportunity to improve their situation and they wanted more than anything to give their children a good education. No matter how hard they worked, their future seemed bleak...

Caring Across Communities Grantee Posters

Addressing Mental Health Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Children Poster

Caring Across Communities:
Addressing Mental Health Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Children

Coming to a new country as an immigrant or refugee is stressful for children. For some, family separations,
loss of community and sense of place, and the particular trauma of witnessing or experiencing violence can create emotional and behavioral problems.

Develop model mental health programs that engage schools, families, students, mental health agencies and other community organizations in building effective, accessible services for children, youth and their families.

In 2006 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched Caring Across Communities to help meet the mental health needs of immigrant children and youth. Building on strong community-school partnerships, the 15 funded sites are helping children and their families adapt to their new home.

Caring Across Communities programs are...

  • Serving children who speak 33 languages and come from 55 foreign countries.
  • Providing care in more than 20 languages.
  • Helping children and adolescents through school-based services in 15 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools and 3 k-8 schools.
  • Offering programs that range from school-wide mental health promotion projects in 14 schools to mental health services in 13 schools.
  • Assisting others who need help in bridging culture and language barriers, including teachers (13 sites), parents and family members (13 sites) and siblings of students enrolled in schools (8 sites).
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