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Schools and Childhood Overweight

Schools and Childhood Overweight

Childhood Overweight: What the Research Tells Us -- A fact sheet
A 6-page fact sheet, in asp and pdf formats, with the latest information from peer-reviewed research. June 2007 update provides new research guidance on effective school-based interventions.

Issue Brief: The Role of School Health Professionals in Preventing Childhood Overweight
Prepared for a conference on schools and childhood overweight, this paper discusses how schools may play a role in reducing the risk of childhood overweight from the perspective of building-based health professionals.

School Nurses, School-Based Health Centers and Childhood Overweight: A report from a conference
Summarizes discussions and recommendations from a 2-day invitational meeting in April 2006. Powerpoint presentations by speakers are also available.

InFocus: Body Mass Index for Children
A brief history of the BMI together with a discussion of issues associated with its use.

Childhood Overweight: A Select Bibliography
In addition to articles that provide an overview of the issue, topics include health consequences of childhood overweight, physical activity and schools, and school-based interventions.

Additional resources
Links on a wide range of topics to reliable resources.

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