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Health Services

Health Services

School Health Services in most communities mean school nurses and a variety of health promoting programs. The nurses number more than 56,000 across the U.S. and provide a range of preventive and treatment services for school children of all ages.

School-Based Health Centers provide comprehensive physical and mental health services to children and adolescents in schools. In 2006 an estimated 1800 centers were caring for kids in elementary, middle and senior high schools.

School-Based Mental Health Services have become increasingly important supports for children and their families. Services range from activities that make the whole school a healthier place to learn to services offered to individual students or groups of students.

School-Based Dental Health is one of the newest school health services. Programs range from sealant programs to comprehensive dental clinics that offer both preventive and treatment services.

Special Education - Related Services For many school districts, providing health and other services to children with disabilities to enable them to participate fully in school is both the largest part of the school health program and the only part that is federally required.

Schools and Childhood Overweight is a new focus for school health programs. This section explores concerns about childhood obesity and discusses the role of school health professionals in responding to this threat.